L-975 All-Hazards Finance Unit Ldr


The finance/administration unit leader course will help students establish the essential core competencies required for performing the duties of the finance/administration unit leader in an all-hazards incident. The course is designed to enable students to perform as any of the four finance/administration unit leaders (time unit leader, procurement unit leader, compensation and claims unit leader, cost unit leader). Students will learn information that is applicable across all four positions, such as unit set-up and management, information gathering, and interactions. Complex experiential exercises and discussions will afford students the opportunity to each act as unit leaders while connecting all information learned back to real-world application.

All-Hazards Finance Unit Ldr | Cost: $TBA

All classes on Monday May 13th will begin at 0900 (CT).

All classes on Monday May 20th will begin that day at 0900 (CT).

On all other days, classes will begin at 0800 (CT).

Classes are scheduled to end each day by 1700 (CT).

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