S-236 | Heavy Equipment Boss


This is a skill course designed to meet the training needs of a Heavy Equipment Boss, Single Resource (HEQB) on an incident as outlined in the NIMS: Wildland Fire Qualification System Guide, PMS 310-1, and the position task book developed for the position. Primary considerations are tactical use and safety precautions required to establish and maintain an effective dozer operation. A field exercise is required as part of the course.


At the successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Identify the administrative duties and procedures required of a HEQB.
  • Identify and demonstrate the heavy equipment inspection process and related duties of the HEQB.
  • Demonstrate the actions required of a heavy equipment boss to safely and effectively complete an assignment.
  • Discuss relevant information and methods for communication and tactics related to heavy equipment.
  • Identify the process of preparing for an all hazard assignment.
Heavy Equipment Boss | Cost: $125

All classes on Monday, May 18th will begin at 0900 (CT).

On all other days, classes will begin at 0800 (CT).

Classes are scheduled to end each day by 1700 (CT).

Instructor: Clayton Swanger

May 18th - 20th | Individual Registration REGISTER

Components and Hours to Complete

  • Pre-selection Assessment: N/A
  • Pre-course Work: 2
  • Online Training: N/A
  • Instructor-led Training: 18-22
  • Total Hours: 20-24

Target Group

Personnel desiring to become qualified as a Heavy Equipment Boss.

Minimum Instructor Qualifications

Lead instructor must be a qualified strike team leader-heavy equipment (STEQ) or task force leader (TFLD).

Unit instructors must be qualified single resource boss-heavy equipment (HEQB).

Also see Instructor Certification at the beginning of the Field Manager's Course Guide.


Qualified as firefighter type 1 (FFT1)

Satisfactory completion of pre-course work.

Offer Level

Course Coordinator:

Clayton Swanger
United States Forest Service
Email: cswanger@fs.fed.us