S-372 | Helicopter Management


This course prepares students to perform the job of Helicopter Manager (HMGB). Unit lectures supported by PowerPoint slides and graphics are designed to facilitate class discussion and group exercises. The final exercise gives students a realistic Helicopter Manager experience; in addition to answering test questions, the student completes necessary forms required by the position.


  • Perform the tasks required of a Helicopter Manager (HMGB) trainee. Through simulation and exercises, students obtain the skill to competently and safely manage a helicopter to support incident and project helicopter operations.
Helicopter Management | Cost: $150

Begins Monday, May 18th

Classes will begin at 0800 (CT).

Classes are scheduled to end each day by 1700 (CT).

Instructor: Bjorn Burgeson

May 18th - 21st | Individual Registration REGISTER

Course Components and Hours to Complete

  • Pre-selection Assessment: N/A
  • Pre-course Work: 7.5
  • Online Training: N/A
  • Instructor-led Training: 28-32
  • Total Hours: 28-32

Target Group
Personnel desiring to be qualified as Helicopter Manager (HMGB).

Minimum Instructor Qualifications
Lead instructor must be a qualified Helibase Manager (HEB2).
Unit instructors must be qualified Helicopter Managers (HMGB).
Also see Instructor Certification at the beginning of the Field Manager's Course Guide.

Course Prerequisites
Satisfactory performance as a Helicopter Crewmember (HECM).


Course Level
Regional, state or area